The “Il Chiantigiano” Brand

The “Casa Verdi” Brand

The “L’Aretino” Brand

The Il Chiantigiano brand presents "the true wine vinegar" for quality cuisine, produced from Chianti Red Wine and Valdichiana White Wine.


Apple Vinegar, Blood Orange Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP and the classics, Red and White Vinegar compose the full range of flavors to enrich your table.


The "classic" line of our precious vinegars, ideal for simple and for more sophisticated cooking such as "The Bongustaio Vinegar".


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Our line of Organic Vinegars are produced with Organic Wines and Apples, 100% Italian.


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The Verdi brothers has been producing excellent vinegars since 1955.

In 1979,The Verdi brothers were the first to produce Red Chianti Vinegar, which was obtained from a “Chianti” wine aged in oak barrels and D.O.C. White Wine Vinegar made with “Bianco Vergine Valdichiana” wine, typical of the area.

Organic White and Red Vinegars, Balsamic of Modena IGP Vinegar, Apple Vinegar and the newest Blood Orange Vinegar conclude this “Fantasy of Flavors”.


The Verdi brothers wish you “Happy cooking”

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