Wine Vinegar has been known and used since the most ancient civilizations, as it is proven by the discovery of an Egyptian vase - dating back to 8.000 years before Christ - that was used for vinegar preservation.

    This is the oldest historical evidence for vinegar's appreciation, but many were those who used this product and praised its qualities in the old times.


    Pliny the Elder wrote about the "sweetness" of this unique seasoning which was used by the people of Athens. Hippocrates was one of the first doctors who prescribed vinegar to treat dysfunctions of the respiratory system and as disinfectant and anti-inflammatory remedy for wounds and ulcers.

    Many others over the centuries have praised merits and virtues of this healthy seasoning up to the present day. In a report issued by the Institute of Pharmacological Sciences at  the University of Milan you can find so many and important qualities that make wine vinegar right among those fundamental elements in nutrition.

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